Who we are


As first generation Mexican American Jeremy harnesses the power within his appearance with the lenses of his mixed heritage to create truly inclusive workplaces (AKA "magic"). He has taught workshops on group dynamics and facilitation throughout North America and accumulated over 3000 hours leading university level programs geared toward diversity and inclusion (AKA intercultural discovery and inspiration).

Jeremy received his BA in organizational behavior & international entrepreneurship from California Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo. At JFK University he received a masters level certificate in drama therapy.

Jeremy Capdevielle

Founder | Cultural Strategist | Experience Designer

Jeremy has designed and facilitated programs in contexts ranging from sustainable development in the Amazon of Ecuador, Diversity + Inclusion with corporate executives, and with organizations on the cutting edge of organizational change and development. He inspires change by engaging people through art and story that is grounded in research, experience, and group developmental and systems theory.

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At HeArt of Inclusion we share stories that become the foundation of our collective strength and creativity. We find a true source of brilliance within our differences. We create experiences every moment where the unseen can find breath and expression.

We are deeply versed in the power of story within context and see arts as a medium to inspire extraordinary happenings. This is why we continually expand our team to include different perspectives and experiences--so that the genius of our approach can bring forth the brilliance of your organization.

We apply intelligences from over 10 years experience in organizational behavior and development, outdoor education, psychology, linguistics, anthropology, expressive arts, and more. We are committed to magic. Meaning, we are committed to actively bringing forth the brilliance within everybody. As we see it this is the heart of inclusion and the spirit of innovation.