Your guests don't have to stand around, uncomfortable, wondering how to engage.

Make your wedding unique.

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The ColorKlick Mosaic

Invite your family and friends to come together to make an

elegant work of art that you'll cherish forever.

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We could  not imagine a guestbook without the creative offerings of everyone at our wedding.


I love the memory that was created. The art is in my dining room and friends and family are always amazed and curious about the images.


Everyone had so much fun making the mosaic together and there was never a moment when people had nothing to do.

The difference it makes at your wedding

What usually happens

  • People are shy and go with what's comfortable and new family and friends don't actually bond.

  • People want to say or contribute more but don't have the opportunity.

  • Introverts have trouble finding their place in an overwhelmingly extroverted context.

  • People want to be creative together but their inner critic makes it difficult.

  • The guestbook is only seen or remembered once a decade.

What can happen

  • Art breaks the ice and gets people comfortable to engage with new friends and family.

  • Everyone gets a chance to contribute something truly special.

  • Everyone feels like they are part of the experience as they work together for a goal.

  • Nobody has to be an artist and the experience is highly approachable.

  • A visual symbol of your love is cherished forever in a place at home that everyone can see.


We send you your
ColorKlick Mosaic Kit.
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Your kit includes simple instructions for you to set up for your guests. Once it's set, everyone knows what to do to add to your elegant art piece.


You display a 
beautiful invitation.

Hire us to take care of the setup, or set out your favorite supplies so that your art represents the colors and theme you dream. We provide recommendations for creating a cohesive and beautiful color palette.


Your guests get a unique experience.

The Mosaic experience brings people together like nothing else. It gives everyone who witnessed you make your vows a chance to contribute to the magic of the moment throughout the evening.

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