Multicultural Wedding?

The Mosaic is a unique way to bring everyone together throughout the occasion, invite unique expression, and receive a cherished keepsake.

Weddings are emotion-FULL and art can help people express their love and support.

The Mosaic experience will surprise your guests and inspire the sense that the beauty of your community resides within everyone's unique expression (and reflection of your love).

Break the ice with a collective opportunity.

The Mosaic was designed by fiery introverts intending to spice up gatherings and make room for diverse expression. It's a social glue that helps people feel comfortable and brings a fun sense of togetherness. 

Best place near the dance floor, the Mosaic unfolds with the music and movement of the momentous moment.

  • The Mosaic takes minutes to set up.

  • It requires 0 artistic ability.

  • It turns out beautiful 100% of the time.

  • It's ready to hang on the wall out the box.

What you get


Start with your favorite design

Orders arrive 1 to 2 weeks from purchase date!

"What a wonderful addition to our wedding! It really bonded people. We didn't know what to expect and I think everyone was surprised by the beautiful art that was created together. It was also very intuitive so everyone knew exactly how to engage while making their piece and adding it to the art board."


Social cliques and missed opportunity for people to really come together at gatherings breaks my heart.

Socially Creative and the intention behind the Mosaic is especially informed by my biracial, Mexican-American experience, and by my passion for uplifting voices and celebrating culture.

I see art as a powerful medium to deepen relationships and create understanding. This story related to learning my fathers first language demonstrates the important role of art in building community.

At simplest, I love seeing people mixing it up, having fun, and being inspired together in shared creative effort. I hope your Mosaic might enrichen your gathering with a collective sense that everyone is unbelievably extraordinary.

- Jeremy Capdevielle  |  Founder @ Socially Creative

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