Customize your onsite or remote wellness program to include facilitated community art. Whether it's to provide a moment for employees to breath and be creative, or for teams to get to know each other through a creative lens, we'll work together to create a unique program experience.

Corporate Wellness Experiences


Integrate community art,  interactive team challenges, and optional "growth" incentives that enact your values, deepen event outcomes, and show participants that big collaborative outcomes are possible. Optional add-ons like media production and measurement further KPIs.

Summits & Conferences


Communicate your vision and values with innovative learning programs that make it easy for your leaders, globally, to leverage the power of creativity to connect their teams. Our range of thematic learning & development experiences are fully customizable to reflect your brand and vision.

Learning & Development Programs


The Mosaic is proprietary art that enables high quality collaborative outcomes for conferences and teams. Our Mosaicmarch series integrates art based curriculum options enabling leaders to more easily leverage the research based power of creativity to deepen learning and development (L&D) outcomes cross culturally. We customize the Mosaic to reflect brand and complement L&D programs. Mosaicmarch curriculum is versatile and can be set up as both a DIY participant activity and as a facilitated group lesson.

Every Mosaic is sourced from sustainable baltic birch wood and is custom designed, manufactured, and shipped from San Francisco, California. 




Customized to reflect your brand, your art is broken into 60 to 5,000 different pieces. It all comes together to represent one team, one bigger vision. Learn about the design process.



We help build on the success of your event by leveraging the Mosaicmarch art experience and pre and post event surveys to manage expectations, build trust through strategic feedback, and encourage continued collaboration and engagement across departments.




Guided by your vision and established communication challenges and opportunities, we customize your onsite experience to include interaction, engaging challenges, conversation, team work, internal communication strategies, storytelling, and social sharing.




How does pricing work?

Pricing is determined considering 3 factors: # of participants, Mosaicmarch program, and optional program add-ons. # of participants: Our smallest Mosaic includes your branded logo, is 2ft by 2ft, accomodates 50 people, and costs $1,295. Larger art to accommodate more particpants will cost anywhere between $20 and $25 per person. Mosaicmarch program: The Mosaicmarch cirriculum experience INCLUDING your customized Mosaic costs between $40 and $60 per person depending on the engagement option you choose. The Mosaicmarch program includes: - Your custom Mosaic. - Cirriculum materials and game boards that support onsite engagement and interaction. - A supply list calculator and shopping list to make purchasing easy. - Set-up instructions. - Messaging and communication templates. - Proposed pre and post event engagement survey questions and associated communication strategies. - Proposed best practices for internal communication and continued engagement. - Propsed best practices to capture and communicate meaningful media. Optional program add-ons: From the start of our partnership we will work with you to determine the best strategy to deliver the best experience possible while staying within your budget. The following program options are variable and prices are determined while we design you program proposal. Options include: - Specialized company Mosaic customization (click here to learn more). - Onsite event set-up, support or facilitation. - Video production that highlights key event moments and furthers your organizational learning and development goals through the lens and personal stories of your teams. - Survey strategy and communication support to demonstrate program efficacy to key stakeholders and deepen the impact of your event.

How large of a Mosaic do I need for my event?

It depends on your goals, your invitation, and the vicinity relative to where the action is happening at your event. As a rule of thumb: - Displaying the Mosaic as an optional activity with little prompting will inspire 20% to 30% engagement. (For example: For a 1,000 person event your Mosaic will need to be between 200 and 300 pieces.) - Implementing the Mosaicmarch cirriculum as an optional activity will inspire 60% to 80% engagement. (For example: For a 1,000 person event your Mosaic will need to be between 600 and 800 pieces.) - Facilitating the Mosaicmarch cirriculum as a group activity will inspire 95% to 100% engagement. (For example: For a 1,000 person event your Mosaic will need to be between 950 and 1,000 pieces.)

What if The Mosaic doesn't get finished during my event?

In our experience working with clients The Mosaic intrigues people and gets more than the average number to show up. Watch this short video to see how. In fact, the die hard fans on your team will almost certainly make sure its gets finished. When the art doesn't get finished, that's ok, too -- open space can look great. Invite teams to create more pieces or fill in the blanks later on.

What if my teams or event attendees aren't "creative."

This is a common worry. Will people like it? Is it too touchy feely? Everyone has an inner critic and, not surprisingly, almost everyone appreciates the opportunity to be creative and see how their piece fits into the greater whole. This is an inviting opportunity for teams to build their creative confidence and counter the narrative that says, "I'm not creative."

What is the refund or return policy?

The Mosaic is made to order. Orders canceled before production will receive a full refund minus up to a 20% "services rendered" fee based on completed design work. We are whole heartedly committed to supporting the best client experience possible. Meanwile, once production has been completed we do not offer refunds. It hasn't happened yet, though, in the case that The Mosaic is damaged enroute, we will cover up to $300 to help get your Mosaic fixed for your event if we can't be there to do it ourselves. For Premium Custom Mosaic orders: Payment happens in two phases: FIRST payment is a nonrefundable design deposit and FINAL payment before production. If you are not satisfied with the design process or the resulting Custom Mosaic design we will stop production and you won't pay the remaining balance.

What payment options do we accept?

We accept all major credit card, wire transfer, ACH, and checks.

Do you have discounted rates for NGOs, government, and public sectors?

Yes! We offer a sliding scale option to pay anywhere between 50% and 100% of cost. Our corporate partnership model allows us to provide up to 100% scholarship discounts. For scholarships, please inquire:




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