Break the ice with a creative project

The Mosaic connects people and shows that their unique "piece" matters. It unfolds throughout the occasion and turns out inspiring 100% of the time.
Fully customizable, the Mosaic will spice up any off-site or provide a unique way to visually reflect shared values during on-boarding.

Overall, the Mosaic is about belonging and art can be an incredible way to break the ice and invite more expression. As your company mosaic comes together you'll likely hear words of gratitude from introverts and an overall sense of amazement that, despite how different everyone's "piece" is, the resulting work of art wouldn't be as astonishing otherwise.

Research shows that adults, especially ESL learners, engage and retain information better when art is involved. While art clearly reduces stress (once over the fear of starting) it is a tremendous storytelling tool that can bond people while connecting them to the vision and values of your company.


Every Mosaic is customizable and can be set up in minutes. As an installation, with simple prompt cards provided, all you have to do is write in the theme and let the experience unfold. As a team building and training tool, we lead live experiences and help you integrate art into your evolving L&D strategy. Inquire for more information.

What you get


Start with your favorite design

"The Mosaic provided a fun and unique way for attendees to engage and invest in a shared project together. As a conference organizer, I work hard to ensure that my events are unique by incorporating creativity within a well-rounded learning experience. The Mosaic provided this, with the added benefit requiring nearly zero onsite coordination for our team. The Mosaic is a beautiful addition to any event."

Robin Zander   |   Founder, The Responsive Conference

Robin Zander.jpeg

Social cliques and missed opportunity for people to really come together at gatherings breaks my heart.

Socially Creative and the intention behind the Mosaic is especially informed by my biracial, Mexican-American experience, and by my passion for uplifting voices and celebrating culture.

I see art as a powerful medium to deepen relationships and create understanding. This story related to learning my fathers first language demonstrates the important role of art in building community.

At simplest, I love seeing people mixing it up, having fun, and being inspired together in shared creative effort. I hope your Mosaic might enrichen your gathering with a collective sense that everyone is unbelievably extraordinary.

- Jeremy Capdevielle  |  Founder @ Socially Creative

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