Be Creative Together.

Bring people together this holiday and celebrate with color.

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The Mosaic

Get the best of  puzzle fun, mosaic creativity, and visual art.

Great for baby-showers, family reunions, birthday parties, weddings & holiday gatherings.

Choose a theme,

paint your piece.

Add your contribution.



Design Options

"Queen's Ball"

Interchangeable pieces. Many ways to enjoy.

"Nature's Rhythm"

"Heart's Delight"

"Heart's Delight"


the gift

of togetherness



Treasure Box

Everything you need to start the party.



- 1 birchwood hand constructed "Treasure Box."

- 1 ColorKlick watercolor palette

- 2 calligraphy Pens + Nibs

- 1 2ml black ink vile

- 1 2ml walnut ink vile

- 4 watercolor brushes

- 1 Fine tipped pen

- 1 gold ink pen


- 10in. x 8in. x 2.5in.

Retail: $150

Buy by 12/15: $120

People's Palette

Portability. Packability. Unique convenience. 


- 12 watercolor filled spaces (does not include tubes).

- 4 magnets to hold paper

- 2 watercolor brushes


- 10" long. 8 inches wide. 1/8" thick.

Retail: $35

Buy by 12/15: $25


Watercolor Palette

A hand fidget, conversation starter, and work of art all in one.


- 12 watercolors (tubes not included

- 2 watercolor brushes

- 4 iridium magnets


- 3in. x 2in. x 1/2in.

Retail: $50

Buy online before 12/15: $35

Get the bottom half of the ColorKlick (the "HalfKlick"). It comes in a clear soft plastic film to keep your purse clean.

Retail: $28

Buy online before 12/15: $18

The Mosaic

Without fail bring people together for creative fun. Each Mosaic comes with guidelines and ideas helping you simply set up an engaging arts experience.

Queen's Ball:

50 pieces. Great for gatherings of up to 75 people.

Retail: $150 (12in. x 12in.) 

Buy Online before 12/15: $98

Nature's Rhythm:

60 pieces. Great for gatherings up to 100 people.

Retail: $160 (12in. x 12in.) 

Buy online before 12/15: $105

Retail: $225 (20in. x 20in.) 

Buy online before 12/15: $145

Heart's Delight

80 pieces. Great for gatherings up to 150 people.

Retail: $250 (20in. x 20in.) 

Buy online before 12/15: $160


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