This is the ultimate portable watercolor palette + unforgettable gift + creative instigator.


The design and natural feel will instigate social interactions and inspire you to be creative in any moment. (you'll understand the "Klick" when you get your treasure).


Get it engraved with up to 20 words.


Your new watercolor palette will be one of a kind:


  • 100% natural birch wood
  • Constructed by hand (and 100% love)
  • Waterproofed on the inside, natural wood on the outside


What you get:


  • 1 portable watercolor palette filled with 12 watercolors
  • Up to 20 words laser engraved on the back of the palette

ColorKlick Original

Laser engrave your palette (Ships 1st and 3rd Wed)
Add your brush
Add your paper
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    If we can do something better and keep you thrilled about Socially Creative arts treasures, we will!

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