Our Mission

Empower people to lead inspiring experiences that build belonging

Our Means

Social Art

Learning and development happens best at the intersection of reflection and play. We make products and experiences to be accessible to everybody so that inclusive leadership becomes the delightful norm.

Visionary Partnerships

We integrate social art with the work of diverse leaders to develop our own lens and to create more opportunities for understanding related to gender, race, class, sexual orientation and political points of view.

Leadership Development

We deliver experience based trainings that inspire everybody to lead anybody at the

intersection of art, narrative, belonging, and developmental science.

Meet the team

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    Anthony Aswan Jackson

    Head of Access and Inclusion | Big Hearted Visionary

    Anthony masterminds story based strategies that inspire new customer segments to be active and inclusive leaders. He is a social emotional learning expert and designs social art product experiences that are cross culturally relevant and accessible. If it's not fun, he's not in. Find him walking in the Oakland hills amidst redwoods capturing mythical creatures on Pokemon Go.
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    Jeremy J. Capdevielle Toomey

    Founder & CEO  |  Head of Partnerships  |  Nature Lover

    With a certificate in drama therapy, a degree in organizational behavior, and experience leading learning journeys in eight countries, Jeremy brings levity, fun, and depth wherever he goes. He's a dedicated people geek who loves supporting leaders to leverage their power and voice to build belonging. As head of partnerships Jeremy cultivates relationships with visionary leaders to further the mission of belonging and collective creativity.
    When not people geeking out you can likely find him surfing with the dolphins (and trying to not think of great whites) just north of the Golden Gate Bridge.

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