Use creativity to show that work can work -- for everyone. Mosaicli Murals help leaders celebrate what it really means to be a team. Our virtual and in-person programs instill company mission, vision, and values while artistic outcomes build confidence that big collaborative outcomes are possible when we work together.
Inspire big outcomes.

Global leaders trust Mosaicli

We work with leaders who care and who want to get everyone on their teams inspired by the bigger company vision -- one rooted in the appreciation of everyone's unique contribution.


Mosaicli Mural's, our interactive community art form, bond diverse teams and show that big collaborative outcomes are possible when we work together. Customized to reinforce core company objectives, Mosaicli Murals:

  • Empower teams to produce astonishing community art both virtually and in person.

  • Familiarize teams with virtual collaboration tools and help leaders build better team dynamics.

  • Enable better communication by familiarizing teams across culture, job function, and distance.

Your teams vision for a new normal.

for founders

Show that everyone's voice matters and how everyone is accountable to building the bigger picture, together.

for managers

Familiarize your teams with collaborative tools and equip leaders to deliver the best virtual meetings.

for team leads

Inspire teams to create an astonishing work of art that makes them proud to be on your team.

for people leaders

Soften communication barriers enabling teams to collaborative better virtually and across distance.

for happier employees

Show you care and bond employees while making a meaningful work of art they'll never forget.

  • Train leaders. Open communication. Inspire big outcomes.
Distance. Virtual, In-person.
Visuals help people retain 40% more information. 
Special Keepsakes
Prints. Personal pieces.
Ongoing engagement.
Onboarding. New hires. continued symbols of meaning and conversation. Mosaicli way.
Core team building training/tools.
When the Mosaic all comes together, everyone understands the importance of each person's unique contribution.
Because change is hard and right now, teams need something special to see how they fit into a vision that's bigger than and more inspirational than ever before.
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Man pointing piece at Mosaic.jpg
Enhances cross
cultural learning
People retain 20% of what they hear, 40 % or what they see hear and do, and 90% of what they see, hear and do. Meanwhile, combining art with learning is proven to increase learning by 10% for all learning are up to 15% for ESL learners.
Build retention.
We use art as a medium for storytelling. Research shows that employees who were instructed to personally connect with their companies vision during onboarding stayed an average 2x longer than those who weren't.
Increases overall team effectiveness.
Our trainings build psychological safety across cultures so that everyone feels more confident contributing their unique experiences and perspectives.
Caring leaders at the worlds most innovative companies -- both big and small -- use Mosaicli to inspire and connect their teams.