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Inspire and embolden everyone at your company to further gender equality

The GenEQ Mosaic is a  unique leadership tool that uplifts everyones voice and amplifies your in-house  OCM and media strategy for gender equality.

The Mosaic delivers quality art every time regardless of ability. The GenEQ Mosaic experience shows how gender dynamics impact everyone and reveals how everyone's "piece" matters in the movement toward gender equality.

How it works

Gender Equality with and for everyone...

The Mosaic is the only collective art form that produces astonishing community art 100% of the time, making it the perfect platform to bring color (and more impact) to your in house training tool-kit.

Weaved into the curriculum (and The Mosaic designs) key metaphors and images become visual reminders of the values and principles everyone stands for.

Similar to the way marketing and media unconsciously influence

behavior, internal marketing strategies have tremendous power to inspire everyone to engage and consistently uplift company vision and values.

Customized to amplify your internal marketing strategy

After two 30-minute design sessions we finalize the first mosaic theme. Customization of the resulting art happens in 3 ways:

Geometric Form

The "pieces" that come together form an image that reflects a particular thematic lesson or value. Customized, the shapes can be cut in any way so that the resulting display of shapes form a landscape, image, words, logo, or pattern.

Overlaying Art

While the geometric form guides the placement of each piece, the overlaying art is the "reveal." It's the delightful surprise that surfaces over time. Laser etched into the birchwood surface, your logo, brand, or any image becomes the focal point of the resulting work of art.

Color Palette

Aligned with your the theme and with your company's branding strategy, colleagues engage with a mixture of mediums and a specific color palette. Mediums can include: watercolors, acrylic paint, watercolor pencils, markers and pastels.

Thematic cirriculum

Designed to be facilitated with 30, 60, and 90  minute options, leaders have everything they need to set up and take down their training arts experience with minimal effort. Each lesson has clear, step by step instructions that guide groups through each creative experience from start to finish. While engaging with Mosaic Curriculum, everyone learns how to engage visual arts and storytelling to deliver powerful  collective learning experiences


"The Mosaic provided a fun and unique way for attendees to engage and invest in a shared project together. As a conference organizer, I work hard to ensure that my events are unique by incorporating creativity within a well-rounded learning experience. The Mosaic provided this, with the added benefit requiring nearly zero onsite coordination for our team. The Mosaic is a beautiful addition to any event."

Robin Zander   |   Founder, The Responsive Conference

"I wanted to find a way to mix up the traditional conference experience and the social art experience did that. During the1-hour people laughed session was rated the most valuable by attendees and from what I saw it was by far the most fun. For the remainder of the conference the art was a focal point and source of celebration for our startup community."

Raj   |   Founder, IgnitorCon Silicon Valley

Cost of your customized Mosaic + cirriculum

Each Mosaic kit supports on-site training needs for up to 60 people. 

















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