Organizational Development

with Context

Art, narrative & belonging. While we know by now that stories are impactful there isn't much out there that shows how they directly relate to overall group development. Furthermore, we see how performance, innovation, engagement, and fun for everyone is directly related to an organizations capacity to elicit and integrate the diverse perspectives and experiences of everyone.

There is no such thing as a one and done effort that solves the "problem." Capacity to grow and to change is a muscle that takes consistent exercise. Exercise it enough and it becomes a life enhancing joy rather than an impulse that burns the next day.

When we increase a groups capacity to engage with and integrate differences everything flows better. 


The following diagram represents a simplified overview of how we think relationships inform overall organizational development.

SCDevArtboard 1_2x-100.jpg

How does this map inform leadership decisions and whole group "interventions."

Firstly, we don't own this map. And, much of what you already do instinctively tunes into these "cycles." 

When "forming" and "norming" people are more likely to readily accept the norms set by leadership and peers. If you say that risk-taking is a core value of the company and back that up with an exercise that safely stretches people's comfort zones and delivers a positive impact you have already set into motion a norm that will help that group engage in the "risky" business of navigating differences come time (it will come, over and over and over again, get used to it, or wither away).

Let's say you say risk-taking is a core value, meanwhile there is nothing actually happening to back it up. People don't feel safe to challenge the status quo or provide valuable insights. Come time for "differentiation," you'd be lucky if someone found the courage to name the inconsistency between what's preached and what's practiced.

How do you demonstrate company values as a leader and provide opportunities for people to practice?

The StartUp world is highly unpredictable.