We create workplaces of compassion, connection, and shared vision

Are you purpose driven? Does promoting diversity and inclusion excite (or scare ) you? What if everyone at your company were compassionately bonded by meaningful stories? What if these stories were a force for collective inspiration connected with organizational vision and values?

We bring you an interactive arts experience that will be remembered.

It's fun, enlivening, and filled with magic.

Let's dream something up!

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Through all time there has been ongoing efforts to bridge worlds

The opportunities for connection are endless:

  • Introverts are hardly understood in an extroverted context.

  • #metoo is illuminating stark realities related to gender dynamics.

  • Relationships amidst power dynamics are fragmented.

  • Ideas behind the color of ones skin overshadows that quality of ones heart.

Are you ready to see how art and storytelling can change your company culture?


Heartful is a special kinda party that creates mutual understanding and shared vision

Heartful is an interactive arts party that softens edges and gets people engaged. It accentuates common human experiences while revealing the richness that lays within differences.
People arrive expecting to make art and play games. Everyone leaves with a greater sense of belonging, shared purpose, and enthusiasm for art-making and story-telling as a means for achieving greatness.
What we deliver your team (the magic)

Your team(s) will share personal stories that grow empathy, lower cortisol levels in the brain chemistry, and release oxytocin fostering greater ease and connection.

Your people will begin to see how they can tell stories to more effectively connect with colleagues, clients, and customers.

Workplaces that are inclusive clearly feel so. Inclusive cultures naturally attract diverse talent with ease.

Your team will have grow trust that elicits better feedback and encourages creative risk-taking

Your team will connect better between groups and within the hierarchy so work can happen with a foundation of mutual understanding.

Your team will be more connected with organizational vision & values. This keeps people inspired, engaged, and committed for common dreams and goals.

Your team will learn practical ways to create common ground and foster collective brilliance through art and story-telling.

Heartful is perfect for you if:
  • You want to smoothly onboard new employees or managers.

  • You want to show people you care by providing a special experience.

  • You want to strengthen relationships between upper and lower management.

  • Your company is new to D + I or is already "bought in" to diversity and inclusion as core values.
  • You want to strengthen relationships as part of a multi-stakeholder collaboration, conferences, or team off-sites

What people are saying

I entered the room and my jaw dropped...The beauty of the space. The amazing music. It was like another world and I knew we were in for something special"

- Joanna

  Case Manager @ Larkin Street Youth Center

Heartful was fun and depthful and everything in between. We took creative risks step by step and everyone was engaged. I haven't let loose, dropped the inner critic, and played like this since I can remember.
- Christina Trowbridge
   Founder, Temescal Arts Center
"I have a completely different orientation to storytelling after Heartful... I mean, for one, I realize that we all have uncommon experiences that are relatable and that my stories can be powerful connectors. I felt like everyone inspired me."
- Jennie Tillman
"This experience has tremendously inspired my approach to leadership. I see that my stories contain great power for connection and inclusion"
- Rachel Fryke
   Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion @ Black Pine Circle School
"I use different activities to engage varying learning styles on my teams and this workshop is taking me to the next level. They way we built off one another and engaged with imagination and intuition was incredibly inspiring."

About Heartful Hosts

Jeremy Joaquin Capdevielle-Toomey

Founder | Facilitator | Cultural Strategist

 Linguist | Naturalist

As first generation Mexican American I harness the power within my appearance and the lenses of my mixed cultural heritage to lead extraordinary experiences of connection.


I have taught workshops on group dynamics and facilitation throughout North America and

have over 3000 hours leading university level programs geared toward facilitative leadership and diversity and inclusion (AKA intercultural discovery and inspiration).

In 2009 to 2012 I was working with the United Nations and local NGOs in Ecuador.

Upon returning from the first year abroad, I was shocked by a discovery that changed my life.

I arrived at the airport and shortly after being picked up by my dad his phone rang. He answered, “bueno.” It was his sister from Mexico City. The conversation continued and I stared in shock...

My eyes watered as I suddenly heard and saw emotional layers I couldn’t perceive before having learned Spanish.


I thought about the times of confusion, conflict, and countless misunderstandings. My dad's exasperation, “that’s just how I talk.” My mom consoled, “I don’t think he meant it that way.”

Isn't it extraordinary how we can be so near to people and yet so far away?

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