Imagine 50 or 1000 or 10,000 people

working together throughout an evening or a

month to create an inspiring art piece. 

This will bring people to be creative together like you've never seen.

It works like magic every time.


This is how it works



We customize everything from the theme, the colors, to the social prompts so that your social arts experience inspires everybody and supports your event dreams.



Everyone gets a small piece of the mosaic and they work together to design it and find where it fits. As the evening goes on people share stories, have fun, and get inspired by the power of what they created together.



By the end of the evening your piece of art will be complete. It will be filled with stories, dreams, wishes, humor, and everything that represents your love and the spirit of your community.

This won't be the kind of thing you want to hide under your bed for no one to see!



621 Hillgirt Circle

Oakland, CA 94610

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