Why expression & connection?

People hesitate to say what’s on their mind, especially when it challenges norms. Meanwhile, employees who quit their jobs often report that they would have stayed had their concerns been addressed.

As leaders, we’re all trying to make work better for everyone. While it’s tough to receive the sting as a motivated employee walks out the door, our invitation as leaders is this: how do we build a company culture where everyone feels valued for their unique expression and where authentic feedback and differences of experience are celebrated?

With a focus on expression and connection to help bring people together and build strong foundations of relationship, we help leaders activate inclusive values. We specialize in program design, workplace engagement, inclusive leadership, and internal communications and marketing strategy.

Start with a custom company Mosaic.

The Mosaic is a customizable community building and training tool that invites deeper conversation and connection. It's designed so that coordination is simple and 20, 100, 500, or 10,000 people can have 100% creative autonomy while producing cohesive collective art art that everyone feels proud of.

Similar to the way music can transport us to earlier memories, art has a similar effect--making the Mosaic a useful tool for strengthening the objectives of any program or event.

Use the Mosaic to:

• Highlight the importance of everyone’s unique value at company events.

• Show new hires they matter by inviting their immediate creative contribution--studies show that employees guided to

personally connect with company vision and values during onboarding stay twice as long.

• Collectively define and reinforce company values.

• Make L&D goals accessible and enriching for multicultural teams.

The Mosaic provided a fun and unique way for attendees to engage and invest in a shared project together. As a conference organizer, I work hard to ensure that my events are unique by incorporating creativity within a well-rounded learning experience. The Mosaic provided this, with the added benefit requiring nearly zero onsite coordination for our team. The Mosaic is a beautiful addition to any event.

- Robin Zander   |   Founder, The Responsive Conference

What you get

  • The Mosaic

    Designed with a steel backed frame and birch wood, every piece magnetically attaches so, once every piece is placed, your art can be put up in a prominent location.

  • Customization

    Use one of our templates and simply send us your logo and we'll etch it into your art. We can also customize the entire art piece to fit the occasion accommodating 20 to 10,000 people.

  • Art supply

    With your brand and color palette in mind, we send you all the supplies you need to inspire creativity and fun.

  • Prompt cards

    We send you prompt cards that explain how to engage and offer ideas for individual and group creative engagement. 

Our most popular designs

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