We create connections that inspire organizational brilliance.

At Heart of Inclusion we change the game and bring magic to leadership, workplace culture, and business bottom line. We move beyond lip service, reimagine “Diversity + Inclusion,” and facilitate extraordinary experiences that engage everybody. Arts and story are our vehicles for change and we are expert at strengthening relationships at all levels within organizations and between stakeholders.

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These are realities we are facing...

  • Nearly 25% of underrepresented men and women felt stereotyped in their previous job and at nearly twice the rate of white and Asian men and women.

  • Less than 23% of white people and more than 63% of blacks believe that black people are treated less fair in the workplace than whites. 40% of people between the groups understand things very differently...

  • In tech, 40% of men from from underrepresented groups - such as African Americans, Latinos and Native Americans - were likely to leave the workplace due to unfair treatment.

  • Women in tech leave their jobs at 2x the rate of men.

  • Working Americans who reported recent or current change were almost three times more likely to say they don’t trust their employer (34% vs. 12%) and more than three times as likely to say they intend to seek employment outside the organization within the next year (46% vs. 15%) compared with those with no recent, current or anticipated change.

  • Workplace stress leads to an increase of almost 50% in voluntary turnover. 

Sources: Harvard Business Review, American Psychological Association

It's a tricky problem

Harvard Business Review research shows that most mandatory diversity trainings have detrimental consequences for both company culture and business bottom line.
  • With angst and frustration people are dragged to yet another diversity and inclusion training.
  • Based on prior experience everyone knows disrespect and biases won't change and think: “this is all a political show--only lip service.”
  • Despite best efforts each training confirms the differences are insurmountable and we can’t trust the man on top to actually help...

Diversity and inclusion is clearly an issue, but the words are loaded.


How do you do the thing without bringing the baggage?

Do you want to experience a new kind of magic?

Heartful is our premier experience that begins the journey

This is for you if...
Heartful approaches differences from a foundation of connection. It's a training in intercultural brilliance and inclusion disguised as an arts party.
Expressive art is a dynamic language that creates common ground.
In safe contexts, personal stories grow empathy, lower cortisol levels in the brain chemistry, and release oxytocin. This fosters ease and connection.
With Heartful, people at your company can get to know each other in ways that bridge differences naturally and with ease. With Heartful, everyone is brilliant and feels like their experiences matter. This is the foundation of magic. It's the oil that makes organizational success possible.
  • You want to smoothly onboard new employees or managers.

  • You want to show people you care by providing a special experience.

  • You want to strengthen relationships between upper and lower management.

  • Your company is new to D + I or is already "bought in" to diversity and inclusion as core values.
  • You want to strengthen relationships as part of a multi-stakeholder collaboration, conferences, or team off-sites
With Heartful, this is the magic you bring

Your team will feel more like a place of belonging that welcomes multiple intelligences and creates ease so people can focus on the job that matters.

Your people will begin to see how they can tell stories to more effectively connect with colleagues, clients, and customers.

Workplaces that are inclusive clearly feel so. Diversity is everywhere… When we recognize and value experiences and perspectives already present we naturally attract diverse talent with ease.

Your team will have more trust and be able to learn better together, provide better feedback, and take greater interpersonal risks that brings creative problem solving and inspires true collaboration.

Your team will connect better between groups and within the hierarchy so work can happen with a foundation of shared human experiences.

You will powerfully grow the perception of care within the hierarchy... Ask us about this... It's a simple thing with huge connections to workplace cohesion and organizational effectiveness.

What people are saying

I entered the room and my jaw dropped...The beauty of the space. The amazing music. It was like another world and I knew we were in for something special"

- Joanna

  Case Manager @ Larkin Street Youth Center

Heartful was fun and depthful and everything in between. We took creative risks step by step and everyone was engaged. I haven't let loose, dropped the inner critic, and played like this since I can remember.
- Christina Trowbridge
   Founder, Temescal Arts Center
"I have a completely different orientation to storytelling after Heartful... I mean, for one, I realize that we all have uncommon experiences that are relatable and that my stories can be powerful connectors. I felt like everyone inspired me."
- Jennie Tillman
"This experience has tremendously inspired my approach to leadership. I see that my stories contain great power for connection and inclusion"
- Rachel Fryke
   Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion @ Black Pine Circle School
"I use different activities to engage varying learning styles on my teams and this workshop is taking me to the next level. They way we built off one another and engaged with imagination and intuition was incredibly inspiring."

Who we are


As first generation Mexican American Jeremy harnesses the power within his appearance with the lenses of his mixed heritage to create truly inclusive workplaces (AKA "magic"). He has taught workshops on group dynamics and facilitation throughout North America and accumulated over 3000 hours leading university level programs geared toward diversity and inclusion (AKA intercultural discovery and inspiration).

Jeremy received his BA in organizational behavior & international entrepreneurship from California Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo. At JFK University he received a masters level certificate in drama therapy.

Jeremy Capdevielle

Founder | Cultural Strategist | Experience Designer

Jeremy has designed and facilitated programs in contexts ranging from sustainable development in the Amazon of Ecuador, Diversity + Inclusion with corporate executives, and with organizations on the cutting edge of organizational change and development. He inspires change by engaging people through art and story that is grounded in research, experience, and group developmental and systems theory.

Click here to learn about one of Jeremy's stories of intercultural discovery.


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