We helped global companies engage creativity to connect teams cross-culturally.
Bonded by uncertainty, teams worldwide united with a force they never imagined.
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And the sound of clinking glass continued to remind them how great it is to have one another.
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Socially Creative Happy Hour rejuvenates, restores, and connects you with passion and joy. With art integrated, even introverts will appreciate this community building activity.
  • It's facilitated by an amazing crew that will help break the ice and ease social discomfort.
  • We share all our tools so you can bring creativity to your next virtual gathering.
  • You'll walk away with at least one actionable takeaway to make your week better and connect your teams, family, friends, or community.
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Our free community events occur virtually every Wednesday on Zoom from 10am to 11am AND 5pm to 6pm.
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Facilitated virtual programs for 6 to 10,000 people. Make creativity part of on-boarding, training, or your next summit.

Joy Johnson is an intercultural learning and community engagement specialist. Her love for languages ignites her thirst for travel. Find her in the cosmos facilitating rich dialogue between alien creatures on her new podcast!


Anthony Jackson is a motivational speaker and social emeotional learning educator. He merges art with storytelling and when CORVID-19 isn't hiding behind every corner, you'll find him in the Oakland hills catching mythical creatures on Pokemon Go!

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Christine Trowbridge teachers masters level courses on Art, equity, and social justice at San Francisco State University. Her first solo art show is coming up as soon as public gathering becomes a thing. If you run together, count on her not letting you win.


Jeremy is an intercultural learning specialist. Mixed, Mexican American, he learned early how language differences disconnected people. When he's not conspiring new ways to bridge divides, he's gleaming inspiration surfing in the freezing San Francisco sea.

Our Team
Make your next in-person event special.
Everything feels uncertain and we're all wondering how to plan for in-person future realities while being with the present.
If you are planning a special gathering anytime between now and the end of the year, let's talk. While respecting the complexity of the moment, we can plan and be flexible while putting logistics in motion so that, when the time comes, we'll be ready to connect your teams in the best way we know how.