Which Will You Tell?

I’m Jeremy, founder and CEO. While the story of Socially Creative is larger than any one person, my life experiences and adventures of life, love, and discovery inform key flavors of its expression.


My grandfather and great grandfather were watercolor painters. One sunlit day, when I was 4, I was in my grandfathers art studio in Mexico City. He had this great rustic treasure chest of old coins and I dumped it onto the ancient floorboards.


While sitting there and feeling immersed in the magic of the moment, he held my hand in his and pointed to a marking near my thumb. “This,” he smiled through his spectacles, “is the mark of an artist.”

His smiling eyes will always be part of me.

Socially Creative is about instigating interactions that reveal the magic in everyone. It’s about disrupting patterns and inspiring awe and discovery. It’s about putting tools into your hands to bring your creative leadership to life.

Among many other stories, we are inspired by Irish mythology that tells of women who transformed into hares and communicated messages between nature and humanity. In some ways, we believe they still do and that within this extraordinary story of power lays a great key to a creative and enriching life.


My dream is that we will continue to write this story, together.

                                                     Jeremy J. Capdevielle-Toomey



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