For extraordinary humans who want to play big because beauty within dreams desire air to be breathed.


For artists, entrepreneurs and those tasked to shape organizational, team, and community culture in big ways.

Bring Your Brilliance


Orienting Brilliance

We are rooted in arts as a means to inspire brilliance within individuals, teams, and organizations. With practical tools grounded in developmental sciences and intercultural understanding, we provide dynamic coaching and consulting experiences that bring dreams to life. Are you ready to bring brilliance online and make magic happen?


Undeniably glimmering; inspiration radiating from a state of inclusion; multiple intelligences expressed

The fruits of brilliance; true innovation; unexpected discovery, unexplainable yet clearly experienced


In some cultures...

The waking world is perceived as a dream, the dream world as reality

What vision is within you?

With clear frameworks and responsive engagement, we partner with you to bring vision into reality.

Culture Consulting and Coaching Programs

Culture Consulting


1:1 support to bring your team, organization, conference or community to life.
Bringing forth a culture that inspires everybody takes initiative, courage, and partnership.
With a coaching lens we'll support you to bring forth the relationships that bring collective brilliance.

Bring Brilliance Online


online program for teams and organizations

Our flagship program!

Online programs for 6 to 1000 people
Bringing collective brilliance takes consistent relationship building and on-going learning.
Through 24 30-minute modules with ongoing support structures we create connections that inspire magic
Want to learn more?

Coaching Brilliance

1:1 Coaching
Bring vision to reality takes support and consistently orienting toward forward movement.
With a dynamic set of expertise guiding people to bring their personal brilliance, we support you to bring forth magic.
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About the founder

Jeremy Joaquin Capdevielle | Founder @ Socially Creative

Cultural Strategist | Facilitator | Entrepreneur

Naturalist | Surfer | Linguist

As first generation Mexican American I leverage the power within my body with the lenses of his mixed heritage to create inclusive relationships fostering brilliance. I have taught workshops on group dynamics and facilitation throughout North America and have accumulated over 3000 hours leading university level programs geared toward diversity and inclusion (AKA intercultural discovery and inspiration).

I received my BA in organizational behavior & international entrepreneurship from California Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo. At JFK University I received a masters level certificate in drama therapy. I have trained extensively with Matrix Leadership Institute and have accumulated over 60-hours of accredited coaching training.

Click here to learn about one of Jeremy's stories of intercultural discovery.

  • Arts based approach to creative problem solving
  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Organizational behavior and development
  • Program development
  • Curriculum design
  • Goal-setting and accountability
  • Active dreaming and imagination
  • Mindfulness based practices
  • Social entrepreneurship
  • Nature connection and awareness

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