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Got a thought partner that elevates the hero in you? With dynamic skill sets spanning coaching, curriculum design, holistic health, large group facilitation, and organizational development we deliver experience based "training" and then some.
Aligned to your vision and values, we help leaders integrate these foundations:
Intercultural Awareness
A vast majority of conflicts are simply instances of not being aware of perspectives and experiences that drive behavior. Not wrong, just different. i.e. "You need to talk out loud to process information while I need to take time to reflect silently."
Diffuse power dynamics  |  Create more space for diversity  |  Avoid visits to the principals office (save you time)
Freedom for Feedback
Research shows over 80% of employees that leave jobs report withholding at least one key insight or perspective that could have made a significant differences had the information been conveyed earlier. 
Spend less time hand holding  |  Rest knowing people are working things out  |  Learn what's up before it's too late.
Empathy & Understanding
Building empathy and understanding creates safety across gender spectrum, race, class, hierarchy, age, sexual orientation, you name it.
Storytelling lowers cortisol  |  Art creates common ground  |  Ease makes everything better.
Generating Culture
When/if ______, then ______. Every relational pattern can fit into this equation. When Dan has an idea, then everyone goes with it without question. What if everyone were empowered to review and revise the rules?
Increase buy-in  |  Take the pressure off upper leadership to "know"  |  Proaction rather than reaction is more enlivening.
Soul within roles
Who's the angry one? The questioner? The authoritarian? When people get to take off shoes and try on new ones we experience more of who we are rather than defaulting to the way things usually are. 
Distributed leadership  |  Less need for top down "control"  |  More choice = less excuses = more engagement.
The spirit of play
Proven to be more influential for engagement and commitment beyond purpose and pay is PLAY. What if every day really could be fun for everyone?
Lower turnover  |  Healthier employees  |  Less "sick" days  |  Daily learning = a sharp brain.