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This is about all of us. Racism is real and

deep down we all want to heal.

Violence anywhere hurts everyone. Fear is fueled by unfamiliarity. Bias keeps us separated from ourselves and each other. Freedom is the cost of shame. No one is perfect. And we need each other to create a better future -- one by and for all.

In the longer arc set forth by caring and courageous leaders throughout history and today, love will win.

Accumulated small actions become big enough to

change the world.

What's yours?

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In response to the murders of George Floyd, Breona Taylor, Tony McDade, Nina Pop, Ahmaud Arbery and countless names which we know and have invoked for justice, we are leveraging our power the best way we know how.

  • Community art: With the City of Oakland and our community partners we are building a collaborative mural to amplify and unify the voices, vision, and stories from our diverse Oakland community.

  • Resources & Education: We believe that when Black people are safe and celebratedin our country, everyone will be more equipped, collectively, to better honor the differences and commonalities of all people. This project strives to make more accessible an abundance of resources to support individual & collective healing and action.

  • Advocacy: We are raising money to support Soul Shoppe, a Black led organization, using art and storytelling to help families uproot bullying & bias by teaching about racism and building greater understanding and compassion for all people

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Everyone has a different position and place while working together to make it a reality that everyone knows Black Lives Matter. The Black Lives Matter Mosaicli Mural is a representation of a shared vision rooted in collective action providing an opportunity for leaders, artists, and community members to contribute their art, stories, and commitment to action to a larger community mural.


For some, action might look like self care. For others, it could look like educating family or divesting from racist institutions.

Help make the world safer for everyone by donating, spreading the word, and adding your contribution along with a diverse community of leaders creating the world they dream to see.

Express your care
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Soul Shoppe teaches social emotional learning for schools and families nationally. Their 3-part virtual program uses art and storytelling to help parents and kids talk about race, healing, and community transformation.

Donate Now
Engage your family with Black Lives Matter Mosaicli Mural, download a free print, of gift a poster. 50% of product profits will support Soul Shoppe to build a more compassionate world for families and kids to eradicate racism at its roots.