Mosaicli enables teams to produce awe-inspiring art that demonstrates the collaborative power of everyone's unique contribution. It's a visual representation showing that everyone matters and that innovation is possible when we work together. While working with the world's most caring leaders, we've helped companies activate their vision and communicate their values, cross-culturally, using creativity as a means to celebrate, to build understanding, and to innovate.


Mosaicli: (adv.) With care, courage, and the belief that, to achieve the bigger, most awe inspiring vision, everyone's piece matters.












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When we meaningfully connect engineer and product teams across their silos, we are building innate capacity to bring forth a bigger, shared vision, in all areas of life.


We know #blacklivesmatter. We know black lives are beautiful. We know that things in America are not fair. We know that violence anywhere hurts everyone. We know that fear and unfamiliarity is the driver. We know that bias keeps us separated from ourselves, each other, and our humanity.

We know that in the longer arc set forth by courageous leaders throughout history and today, love will win. We believe in a vision where everyone is safe no matter where they go. We believe that if they're not safe, we're not safe.

As our company grows, we will continue to deepen in our capacity to love, to understand, and to further a vision where everyone is safe, celebrated, and able to express their voice to inform the unfolding present.

With the bold leaders who aren't afraid to show they care we are willing to learn, to grow, and to transform the world one relationship at a time.

On some level we all want to feel part of something greater. To make a difference. To contribute our gifts. To express our care and make the world better.


A long time ago I saw people on teams struggling to connect and find meaning at work. I wanted to change that. As most might relate, the journey of bringing forth the bigger vision wasn’t straightforward.


Over time, I learned about communication challenges between teams and a fundamental dynamic of cross cultural (mis)understanding became clear when, after learning Spanish, I heard my dad speak in his first language. I saw expression and emotion I never noticed before. Awe-struck, tears filled my eyes and I felt more connected with him than ever before.


In partnership with leaders who care to do things a little differently, we continue to develop ways to use creativity to help teams consistently experience the kind of aha! moments that demonstrate how everyone's piece fits in with the bigger vision.

                                                 Jeremy Joaquin Capdevielle

                                                 Founder & Chief Learning Officer


Socially Creative is a Limited Liability Company based in San Francisco, CA. Founded in 2014 by current CEO and Chief Learning Officer, Jeremy Capdevielle, we plan to be employee owned and become a Certified B corporation.

At the core, our mission is to build toward a more equitable, just world, that supports the cultural gifts and life experiences of everyone. While we're explicit about helping to further gender equality and racial equity, our programs and products will continually expand to heal divides related to sexual orientation, religion, class, generations, political affiliation and beyond. If you have a vision for partnership or for your company please reach out to us -- our offerings continue to grow in relationship with leaders like you.

Let's build something special.

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