Visual art outcomes at global scale that help build your culture,

connect your teams and bring to life your mission, vision, and values.


See how art can unify regional offices

Personal connection to each other and to the values that fuel your vision is the foundation

of employee engagement & retention. See how one company brought their values to work.

Approach change with art integrated.

Visual art is an equalizer that can strengthen learning and development goals and help your teams feel more connected. Meanwhile, research shows that employees who personally connect with your vision and values will stay on average twice as long as those who don't.


On the other hand, explicit values without associated action hurts rather than helps.


What could change if your people came together to create a work of art that reflected everyone's unique contribution and connection with your mission, vision, and values?

Meanwhile, have you ever heard a song or sound then suddenly flashed back to another moment in time? Similarly, visual outcomes associated with employee engagement make learning more memorable and personally resonant.

If you are dedicated to strengthening relationships and unifying your teams with shared vision, values, and a creative project, we'd love to work with you.

Canadian Solar Inc: Founder's Day

We helped Canadian Solar connect their employees to each other through their mission, vision, and values. To create a sense of global unity, 900 employees across 14 regions worldwide created an art piece that, when placed together as one, represented a large Canadian Solar solar panel.

From inception to implementation the project spanned 5 weeks. Click here to see what it took to bring the project life.

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