Visual art outcomes at global scale that help build your culture,

connect your teams and bring to life your mission, vision, and values.

Canadian Solar Inc: Founder's Day

We helped Canadian Solar connect their employees to each other through their mission, vision, and values. To create a sense of global unity, 900 employees across 14 regions worldwide created an art piece that, when placed together as one, represented a large Canadian Solar solar panel.

From inception to implementation the project spanned 5 weeks. Click here to see what it took to bring the project life.

Use the Mosaic to:

  • Communicate a vision that translates cross-culturally.

  • Unify regional offices with art that gets created globally.

  • Define and refine core values that resonate at the core.

  • Engage in reflection and connection beyond the moment.

Use the Mosaic to:

  • Onboard employees and instantly show how they matter.

  • Create a symbol that deepens a shared sense of belonging.

  • Help people remember the stories that fuel their fire.

  • Demonstrate growth with art that grows with your company.

Fully customizable, The Mosaic is a unique way to connect people with a shared vision.

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"I'm always looking for something new and exciting for my teams. The Mosaic provided this and the experience required hardly any onsite coordination. People we're buzzing about the Mosaic and the special details the next day in the office."

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